Q: What kind of dogs fit Long Dog Clothing?

A: Long Dog Clothing fits all breeds, although the specially tailored details really help our lengthiest friends look studly. Breeds like bassets, corgis, and dachshunds will especially appreciate our design! 

Q: What's different about Long Dog Clothing?

A: We're glad you asked! It took us more than 6 months and over 11 prototypes to design clothing with specially placed armholes, extra back length, shorter sleeves, and extra room for our broad chested friends. No more bare chests, pinched armpits, or crop tops for your long fur-babies!

Q: What's a "dewlap"?

A: Dewlap is technically a "longitudinal flap of skin that hangs beneath the lower jaw or neck" of your long dogs--basically it's all that extra skin you'll notice around your lengthy pups' necks! All of our Long Dog Clothing has been specifically designed to accommodate this special feature of long dogs, so they don't look ridiculous with all that skin hanging out. Go on, let them strut their stuff!

Q: Some of your stuff is reversible? 

A: Yes they are! All of our shirts are fully reversible, meaning you're getting two distinct looks with every garment. Not only does this allow your pup to model multiple looks, but it makes our shirts more durable because they're fully lined! 

Q: Where do you make your pawesome clothes?

A: We're proud to have all of our garments made right here in the USA. That's right, you'll support our economy with your purchase, but don't forget it's also patriotic too!

Q: How do I measure my long dog?

A: With a ruler of course! Oh, and you should also use our nifty sizing chart which you can find here

Q: Will my long dog be happier in their Long Dog Clothing?

A: Only by like, a million percent. But almost just as important, is how happy you'll be when you see your lengthy friend looking ridiculously, ridiculously good looking in their new threads!