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Proudly made in Los Angeles


Dog clothing that looks good and actually fits right.

LA-based fashion expert Courtney Raney Bui wanted to bring stylish apparel to the usually-kitschy dog clothing industry by emphasizing contemporary designs, while still concentrating on the highest level of function. So she pulled out her pencil, pattern paper and measuring tape, and got to work.

Featuring distinct armhole placements, longer backs, a broader chest area, and our unique "dewlap" neck piece, Long Dog Clothing is simply the best fitting clothes you'll find anywhere for your lengthy pal.

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Feel good about your purchase.

The inspirations for the Long Dog Clothing Company are two basset-mixed rescues, Lincoln & Molly.

So when LDCC was founded, it became our mission to give back to dogs in need. Like they give us their sloppy kisses, we give 15% of our proceeds to dog charities, because really...who saved who? 

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Whoa. Reversible Clothing.


See the Difference.

Design and quality were both at the top of mind when we started our company so we went the extra distance to specially tailor our clothes to fit better than the competition. But that's not all--click below to see why your pup will give you extra kisses for finally putting them in clothing that even you would love to wear.


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