If you have a long dog, you've undoubtedly put a shirt on them that didn't fit. 

Not anymore. Long Dog Clothing is designed specifically to fit your lengthy pup, with arm holes in the right spot, longer backs, and extended necks to cover up all that...we'll go ahead and say it--dog cleavage

Did we also mention our clothes are reversible? Forget paying premium costs for cheap baseball tees that don't fit your fur babies--try Long Dog Clothing today to see how much better looking and fitting our clothes are. If you're not satisfied, return it or exchange it, no questions asked.


The Long Dog Clothing Mission


fit & function

Your lengthy canine is a special shape and size. Traditional dog clothes can cinch armpits, run short, and not fit a long dog's deep chest. We reconstructed our dog clothes from top to bottom to specifically fit long bodied dogs. And with our trademark “Dewlap” neck, your best pal will always be comfortable.


Proudly made in the USA, Long Dog Clothing is known for its high quality design and construction. Every piece is fully lined for higher durability, and all of our shirts are reversible, giving you two shirts in one. We source each and every piece of our clothing from the fabric and thread to the buttons and more. 


The Long Dog Clothing line is curated by a designer with professional experience in the fashion industry. Our clothing features classic pieces as well as seasonal pieces that reflect the ever-changing trends of the industry. 



Our two long dogs are rescues so dog charities are close to our hearts. Our mission at Long Dog Clothing is to help dogs everywhere, no matter what breed they are. That's why 15% of all proceeds are donated to local dog charities every month. Help us help dogs everywhere!

Join the revolution and show off your pup in their new threads


Take a photo of your dog and tag them with #longdogstyle so we can see cute pictures of your dogs, but also so we can put you in the running for free giveaways. We're not saying you get extra points for taking photos of your dogs doing ridiculously cool things in our clothes...but you'll get extra points for taking photos of your dogs doing ridiculously cool things in their new Long Dog Clothing.