Why We Started LDCC

I--Courtney--was working professionally in the fashion industry when I realized how uninspiring and unfulfilling the work was. I was just a small cog in the massive machine that is the fashion industry. I wanted to do work that made a difference.

So without a backup plan intact, I quit. 

That might have been a really poor decision, but the unintentional benefit was that I got to spend extra time with my husband Anthony, and our two rescue pups, Lincoln and Molly. We were in Las Vegas for Christmas staying at Anthony's brothers house when we purchased a couple of dog sweaters from a big box pet store because it was so cold there.

I always thought dog sweaters were cute--(Anthony not so much)--but to my surprise, these sweaters fit pretty horribly on our babies! It was months later, as my search for meaningful work began to frustrate me, that Anthony brought up that fateful night. "Why don't you combine the skills you have in fashion, with an actual problem we have with our pups?" It seemed like such an innocent suggestion...we didn't know it would become what it is today. 

The road wasn't easy though. It took several months and 11 prototypes for us to get to a place where we felt that our shirts really addressed the issues and concerns we had for dog clothing:

-the back of dog shirts were too short
-the armholes were in strange places, causing cinched armpits
-the chest area felt too tight
-the neckline dropped too low, often creating doggy "cleavage"


Working on one of our first prototypes

Working on one of our first prototypes


We wanted to make sure we could stay close to the process and follow up on quality control, so we partnered with a local manufacturer in downtown Los Angeles and made our first run of shirts. When we got them back, we were astounded that what came from a fun idea was now a physical quality dog shirt in our hands. 

Still, there was one last thing to address. We both wanted to make sure that this new venture did some good in the world--after all, I had quit my job to find something more fulfilling. We quickly came to the same conclusion--our company would help rescues just like Lincoln & Molly by donating 15% of our proceeds to charity. 

Since we started The Long Dog Clothing Co. we've had the honor to ship our clothing all across the world from Sweden, to the Philippines, to South Africa. We've received hundreds of messages from happy customers who tell us that our clothing is the only thing that fits their dogs, or that it's helped their dog through a tough skin condition, or just that they think it's the cutest outfit they've ever seen on their pup. 

We're grateful for it all.

It's crazy to think that a small suggestion from my husband has turned into a business that we love and are excited to nurture. Thank you for taking the journey with us. We hope you get a chance to try our clothing and help us to continue supporting needy pups all over the country!



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