Who-Saved-Who Winner: Stubby the World Traveler

This is a story of a girl, her dog, and one European adventure. Being stationed in Germany alone was going to be hard enough, so luckily Briana was allowed to bring a friend. We bet this stray from Oklahoma never thought he'd have a puppy passport and get to serve his country by schmoozing with the local Euro-pups! Read on to find out more about Stubby and how his overseas life came to be...

I'm in the military and about six months ago I was getting ready to be stationed overseas, thousands of miles from home. Before the big move, I had a few months of training in Texas. On the weekends, I volunteered at the local dog shelter, which gave me a strong dose of puppy fever. I did a bunch of research and found out that it was possible for me to adopt a dog and bring him or her with me to Germany! After one dog adoption heartbreakingly fell through, I crossed paths with Stubby and instantly I knew that he was something special. His enormous smile and ever-wagging tail assured me that everything was going to be okay. Let's face it, moving halfway across the planet is scary! Stubby fills my heart with joy, leaving no room for homesickness or loneliness. Sure, I may have rescued him, but really it is me who's the lucky one.
 Stubby and Briana 

Stubby and Briana 

Stubby was adopted from Second Chance Animal Sanctuary in Norman, Oklahoma, on August 18th, 2017. Before his time at Second Chance, much of his past is a mystery. He was found abandoned in a field, presumably as a stray. Since there were so many unknowns about his past, I was a little worried about how he might react in certain situations, especially around other dogs or small children. As soon as I met him, all of those concerns melted away. His demeanor was that of pure joy, with his tail always wagging, and a big, goofy smile on his face. He loves making friends at the dog park and he's never met a dog he didn't like. He also loves little kids, and doesn't even mind when they poke his belly or (gently) pull on his floppy ears. We're still working on his manners, but he's a fast learner. Right now, his biggest challenge is overcoming the urge to jump up on people to give kisses, but it's hard to be too mad about that behavior!
Moving to Germany has been a big adventure for both of us. Stubby misses all of his friends from the dog park in Texas, but he's made a bunch of new friends here in Germany. Europe is very dog friendly, so he gets to go to restaurants, shops, and he especially enjoyed visiting the local Christmas Market! He even has a Pet Passport, so he's looking forward to traveling all over Europe once the weather gets a little nicer. During the day while I work, Stubby has a blast at doggy daycare (did I mention, he's spoiled?) but still manages to have enough energy to play after my work day is over.
In the six months that he's been my furbaby, his personality has only developed. He's still just as happy-go-lucky as ever, but he's also spunky, curious, and sweet. Sometimes Stubby can be a handful but I'll never regret adopting him!
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