Who-Saved-Who Winner: Pepsi the Dachshund

Pepsi is a gorgeous long-haired dachshund who was having trouble finding a forever home until two generous school teachers came along and took a chance on an adult dog with some health issues. 

He fit in right away with their other dog, Maya, and they have been amazed at how well Pepsi took to the family. He was able to not only overcome his health problems and anxiety, but also help with human anxiety and become the family protector. 

It was a Tuesday and a picture of a gorgeous 2-year-old long haired standard dachshund boy named Pepsi showed up on Facebook. He was beautiful! He had almost 100 shares and comments on his picture, but despite all of that, he still hadn’t found a family of his own. I jokingly showed my husband Pepsi’s picture and asked if we could get him (assuming my husband would say no because he didn’t want a boy dog) when he surprised me by saying that I could fill out an application!

The adoption process was quick. We were approved for a 7-day trial period, after which we would decide to keep Pepsi or send him back to his foster mom. It was late on a stormy Saturday night when we found ourselves driving over an hour to pick up Pepsi. As soon as we arrived, we realized that we had met Pepsi before! He was one of the dogs that we had met at a dachshund event a few weeks prior! We took that as a sign that Pepsi was meant to be with us.

It was love at first sight for Maya, our one-year-old tweenie. One of her most favorite activities is giving kisses to other dogs, and Pepsi was no exception. Thankfully, he sat and took it like a champ! He was so quiet and calm with Maya, and surprised us by jumping right into the backseat when we opened it to buckle him in!
Pepsi and Maya snoozing together

Pepsi and Maya snoozing together


Pepsi came to us with some health problems. He was still fighting double ear infections, a respiratory infection, and skin problems from his time before going to the rescue agency. He was neglected and unwanted by his first owner, which is why the rescue took him in.

Pepsi was extremely shy for the first few days. He would sit with us on the couch, but he liked to sleep under our bed. He didn’t play with other dogs at the dog socials thrown at our apartment and chose to his instead of play. As time went on, as he learned to trust us, Pepsi started sleeping at our feet before finally claiming his rightful throne on mom’s pillow every night. In fact, as I write this, Pepsi is sprawled on my side of the bed with his head right next to mine!

Pepsi brought some baggage with him, including very severe anxiety. It has been a struggle dealing with that, but taking care of Pepsi and helping him with his anxiety has been therapeutic for me managing my own anxiety. He has adopted us as his people, and is really attached to his mom. He follows me everywhere, barks like a true dachshund to let me know anytime he sees something out of the ordinary, and can snuggle like the best of them. He is such a little protector. He worries about me until he is right with me, sitting in my lap. He loves to play with his sister, and is so patient with her. He sits and takes whatever she tries to do to him like a champ. He has no food or toy aggression, and will even share his bully sticks with his sister. I know he will take care of me and his family for the rest of his life, and I’m so thankful that Pepsi chose us.
Courtney BuiComment