Who-Saved-Who Winner: Tom & Huck the Pekingese

There are good people in the world. This weeks Who-Saved-Who Giveaway winners are Adam and May, grandparents whose decision to rescue the unlikeliest pup in a group of rescue dogs was just the first sign of great things to come. 

From rescuing Huckleberry to fostering another pup they soon named Tom (get it?), Adam and May are now the proud pawrents of 5 (yes FIVE!) Pekingese fur babies! 

We absolutely loved reading about how Adam and May have turned their home into a haven for this little pack of Pekingese, and we hope you enjoy reading their story too: 

My wife and I are the proud parents of 5 wonderful rescued Pekingese we affectionately refer to as "TriPekes and the Joker with Koko". Their real names are Huck, Tom, Max, Cesar and Koko. This is the story of Huck and Tom.
It all started back in 2012 when we decided to share our life with a dog. We thought the best thing to do was to get a dog from a local rescue. After looking at pictures of dogs on Petfinder.com we saw a 2 year old Pekingese named Huckleberry from the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group. After a little research about the Pekingese breed we decided to submit our application to the rescue. They stated it would be best if Huck went to a home with no small children. We had grandkids that visit occasionally so the rescue was comfortable with the environment. The rescue told us he was from a group of over 2 dozen male Pekingese that a puppy mill recently dumped at an auction for $25 each.
On adoption day Huck was running around the room--not because he was excited and playful but because he was scared...of everything. All he wanted to do was hide. Although he was not aggressive you could tell he trusted no one or anything. When you dream of getting a dog you have thoughts of finding a friendly, fun, and inquisitive little mischievous maker. Our Huck was none of those things. The rescue had actually brought one of their other Pekingese with them because they knew that Huck's behavior was the kind of thing that would scare off potential adopters. Not us. The way we looked at it, Huck was in more need of being adopted than the rest of them. We fell in love with that little boy on the spot.
Although he took to my wife first, Huck was slow to trust either of us. We were amazed though at how quickly he took to house training. Almost as if it was the one thing he had control over and would do for us as a thank you for getting him out of "the system".  One of the things we noticed about Huck was the position and activity of his tail.  It was just there. He never put it up, never placed it between between his legs and was not really moving it much. It wasn't until his 6th week with us that I actually saw him lift and wag his tail.  I remember it vividly. It was in the morning.  I had gotten up to let him out. When I asked him if he wanted to go "out" he turned, lifted and wagged his tail. I was so excited to see this I actually woke up my wife so that she could see it too. Needless to say there were a few tears of joy shed on that day. Whether it is chew toy or special treat Huck had no interest in chewing on anything. We weren't sure he even knew how to be a dog. Fortunately two weeks after adopting Huck, the rescue asked us to foster another Pekingese that needed ointment is his eyes twice a day. "Hustle" was a well socialized Pekingese, not part of the puppy mill group. Hustle really helped Huck learn what it meant to be a dog. In honor of what Hustle was doing for Huck we renamed him Tom. 
That was the beginning of a house filled with more love than humanly possible. 
Adam and May's entire Pekingese bunch!

Adam and May's entire Pekingese bunch!


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