Who-Saved-Who Winner: Theo the Corgi Mix!

One of the most common misconceptions about adopting a shelter dog is that there is something wrong with them. We hate to say it, but usually it's the humans fault.

For awesome pawrents Vikas and Carrie, they saw right through the false reputation Theo's previous owners had bestowed upon him. I mean, "aggressive behavior around strange children?" What does that even mean?! 

We're so happy that Vikas and Carrie ignored this warning and gave Theo the loving home he deserves. He's not only enhanced their lives, but the lives of their friends and family too (plus he's got a pretty awesome name)! Get to know sweet Theodore Huxtable's story below:

My wife and I had just gotten married and knew we wanted to get a dog once we settled into our new place. We had visited a couple of rescue websites, and had seen Theodore Huxtable (then called, "Riley"), a 4-year old Corgi mystery mix, plus a couple of other good candidates at PAWS Atlanta, a local rescue group.
On our visit to the shelter, we walked a few dogs, most of whom were just interested in being outside, but didn’t pay much attention to us. After taking Theo on a walk (which went on for 3 times as long because he had to pee on every square foot of grass), we brought him into a fenced area to try to see how he played with toys and balls. He proved to us that athletics weren’t really his forte, masterfully ignoring everything we threw his way. As soon as we sat down on a bench, he instantly jumped right into my lap, and thus claimed us. Checkmate. From there, we pretty much had no choice but to take him home with us.
Newly rescued Theo Huxtable looks pretty comfy in his crate, no?

Newly rescued Theo Huxtable looks pretty comfy in his crate, no?

Theo was in the shelter for about 3 months before we met him. According to the rescue group, he was first picked up off the street by animal control, then another family adopted him from the shelter. Theo was with that family for about 8 months, but they eventually surrendered him, citing "aggressive behavior around strange children." 
We discovered that Theo is the ultimate laid back dog. He's a true mensch, loves quiet time, and will always opt to call it an early night. All he asks is for an occasional belly rub, as well as spending a fair amount of time on elevated surfaces so that he can observe the world with you at your eye level. He’s polite about all of his requests, and other than baths and wearing outfits (except for his Longdog sweaters, I kid you not), he’ll let you do pretty much anything you want with him. He aims to please.
After bringing him to my dog-friendly office and visits with various family members, we were able to see a change in Theo. He went from a dog who was often very nervous and defensive around strangers to being able to warm up to and instantly charm new people. For a dog that used to be “aggressive” around small children, his calm demeanor and trust in us has turned him into the perfect gateway dog for many of my nephews and nieces. He’s even converted some people who were, at first, wary of dogs into rescuers themselves.
Today, he remains a model office dog and staff favorite. When he's not calming down his co-workers or chumming it up with his co-borkers, you'll likely find him snoozing in an office chair through some pointless meeting. He is also a reluctantly proud brother/punching bag to our new rescue, Wilma Flintstone, a red-headed 8-year-old Golden Retriever mix. In a few months, we’ll be having our first human baby — sure to be a "strange child” — and we know that Theo is going to be a great big brother to him or her, as well.

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