Who-Saved-Who Winner: Devon and Schatzi the Dachshund!

Has your pup helped you through a difficult time in your life when everything seemed to be going wrong and all you needed was some unconditional love and sloppy kisses?

Well, this weeks Who-Saved-Who Giveaway winner, Devon and her rescue, Schatzi, shares how their union was a true example of when human and dog rescue each other.

Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you and be positive and reassure you that you're loved. Here is Devon's story:

Last year was a horrible year. My grandmother had gotten sick and moved in with my parents, and my husband and I also moved in with my parents so I could help care for my Grandma full time. All in all there were 6 adults living under one roof. They were also doing construction. The crowdedness wasn't making things better for anyone and my anxiety was through the roof, so we found an apartment and moved out.

2 days later I got a phone call. My Grandma was sick and I needed to come say goodbye. She hung on for a week. My grief was unreal. I was angry. I was sad. I had panic attacks at the drop of a hat.

My Doctor suggested I get a dog. She said when I was ready she would write me a letter declaring him my emotional support animal. 2 months later I was looking at shelters online and saw "Pipsqueak"--now our Schatzi--and fell in love. That weekend we drove 3 hours to meet him. 

We don't know much about Schatzi's history other than we think he was abused. He was brought in as a "stray" but we know he was owned by someone at some point. Despite not having a chip and not being fixed and very shy he walked like a charm on a leash and also knew the wait command. He was very shy when we first met. In fact he wouldn't interact with us. He was very skinny and was terrified of men. He also hops on one of his rear legs more than he walks on it, and our best guess is he must have broken it and never got medical care for it and it healed improperly--(that same paw is also missing a nail completely) .

On the 3 hour drive home he fell asleep on my lap with his stuffed duck we brought with us for him. I knew he was what I needed. That was nearly 6 months ago, and since then he has blossomed. He is a snuggler and he loves his toys--especially a squeaky tennis ball. He has some issues with separation anxiety but has been doing so incredibly well in the last several months. He truly did save me as much as we saved him.