Who-Saved-Who Winner: Rocko the Stubby Pit!

We're so excited to announce the first ever winner of our
Who-Saved-Who Giveaway!

Congratulations to Rocko the Stubby Pit! His mom, Sam, sent us a very sweet story about fate and the role it played in their very special union. Minutes could've been the difference between Rocko being adopted by her or not! 


But doesn't it always feel like that, fellow pawrents--like it's destiny that you found your perfect little fur baby? We know that for Sam and Rocko, it was a match made in heaven--er, at the Pasadena Humane Society actually. Same difference right?!

Read on to see their special story, and don't forget to submit your own Who-Saved-Who story for a chance to win your own free LDCC item!


While my boyfriend and I had wanted a dog for a long time, we were finally ready and able to adopt this past August. While scrolling through Petfinder one day I fell in love with a dog I found named Elliot. He was listed as a corgi/pit bull mix and was basically a small, brown pit bull on stubby legs. I was instantly obsessed and emailed the rescue about adopting him. Something in me was so certain that this was going to be my dog...until the rescue emailed back saying he was already adopted.

Not long after, my boyfriend and I went to check out the Pasadena Humane Society. They created a list of dogs that they thought we'd like and we stepped out of her office. I looked over to the play yard and a small, brown pit bull on stubby legs ran up to the gate. This dog looked EXACTLY like Elliot from Petfinder. We had to go over and meet him!

The dog's name was Rocko. He hadn't made it onto our list because he hadn't been explicitly tested with cats, but he was friendly, non-reactive, and short enough to be comfy laying under my boyfriend's desk at work. We didn't end up meeting any of the dogs on the list-once we saw Rocko it was clear to everyone that he was our dog. It still blows my mind to think that if we had left that office just a minute earlier, before Rocko had been let out to play, we may have ended up with a different dog. So many things lined up perfectly for us to meet him and I can't imagine having adopted someone else.

Rocko was surrendered by a human who'd had him his whole life (2 1/2 years). We were a little confused by his surrender paperwork, which said he was good with other dogs but being surrendered because he didn't get along with the other dogs he lived with. After we brought him home, we started noticing scabs on Rocko's head and neck. Our best guess is that the other dogs that Rocko lived with bullied him, and his previous family decided that Rocko was the dog that had to go.
In all honesty, it's hard to fathom that anyone would surrender this amazing pup. Rocko's very eager to please, and graduated from training classes a couple weeks ago. He's still skittish around other dogs, but he's slowly getting over his fear with trips to the dog park and dog-friendly events around LA. He's the perfect balance of playful and lazy, and is perfectly content to play fetch or snuggle up on the couch. Even our cat has taken to him! Maybe his old family weren't crazy dog people like we are, but we clearly ended up with the better end of the deal.
So that's our story. You guys do great work. I love that your clothes fit my oddly-proportioned pup, and the way you give back to rescue organizations. Keep up the great work!