Who-Saved-Who Winner: Nowda the Rescue Mix

Has your pup ever climbed into your lap when you were feeling down, giving you that little bit of affection to put your mind back at ease? How is it that our fur babies know exactly when we need a little bit of cheering up? For this weeks Who-Saved-Who Winner, Nowda, he helped his mom Arien through even tougher circumstances, providing relief from her newfound anxiety and panic attacks. 

Arien returned the favor of course, helping Nowda learn to trust humans again after suffering from a chemical burned from his previous "owners"--(obviously not real parents). 

If you have a beautiful adoption story about how your pup rescued you, send it in to us for your chance to win some free LDCC gear! Now click through to read the rest of this beautiful story!

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LDCC visits NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) and we had our minds blown!

The very awesome people at NKLA (that's No Kill Los Angeles), an initiative of The Best Friends Animal Society, invited us to check out their facility in Santa Monica and take some photos of a few of their lovely very adoptable pups. 

Let's start off by saying their facility is a AH-MAZE-ING! It looks more like a pet hotel than a shelter. And can we please follow that up by saying the animals their are even more AH-MAZE-ING! I mean, talk about completely dismantling the idea of rescue animals being unkempt, unhappy, and unloved. The cats and dogs we saw looked calm, relaxed, and very happy!

The three pups we were so very fortunate to meet and dress up for a little photoshoot were Trixie, Leo, and Monty. 

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Who-Saved-Who Winner: Tom & Huck the Pekingese

There are good people in the world. This weeks Who-Saved-Who Giveaway winners are Adam and May, grandparents whose decision to rescue the unlikeliest pup in a group of rescue dogs was just the first sign of great things to come. 

From rescuing Huck to fostering another pup they soon named Tom (get it?), Adam and May are now the proud pawrents of 5 (yes FIVE!) Pekingese fur babies! 

Did you rescue a dog that flourished once you brought them home? Tell us your story and you might be the next winner of the Who-Saved-Who Giveaway! 

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Who-Saved-Who Winner: Theo the Corgi Mix!

One of the most common misconceptions about adopting a shelter dog is that there is something wrong with them. We hate to say it, but usually it's the humans fault.

For awesome pawrents Vikas and Carrie, they saw right through the false reputation Theo's previous owners had bestowed upon him. I mean, "aggressive behavior around strange children?" What does that even mean?! 

Read on to hear Theo's story and how he has enhanced not only his pawrents life, but of all of their friends and co-workers as well! If you've similarly saved a pup who was given an undeserved bad reputation, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at longdogclothing@gmail.com and tell us their story--you might just be the next winner of the Who-Saved-Who Weekly Giveaway! 

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Who-Saved-Who Winner: Devon and Schatzi the Dachshund!

Has your pup helped you through a difficult time in your life when everything seemed to be going wrong and all you needed was some unconditional love and sloppy kisses?

Well, this weeks Who-Saved-Who Giveaway winner, Devon and her rescue, Schatzi, shares how their union was a true example of when human and dog rescue each other.

Read on to see how Devon might have rescued Schatzi, but Schatzi really saved her! Don't forget to send in your own adoption story for a chance to win some LDCC gear!

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Who-Saved-Who Winner: Rocko the Stubby Pit!

We're so excited to announce the first ever winner of our
Who-Saved-Who Giveaway!

Congratulations to Rocko the Stubby Pit! His mom, Samantha, sent us a very sweet story about fate and the role it played in their very special union. Minutes could've been the difference between Rocko being adopted by her or not...

Read on to see their special story, and don't forget to submit your own Who-Saved-Who story for a chance to win your own free LDCC item!

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The Weekly Who-Saved-Who Giveaway

Ah, a new year to start fresh. A great time for resolutions.
You know what we want to be better at?

Spreading awareness about the positive impact, and the joy of adoption. 

Really, we think this is just a small gesture. At The Long Dog Clothing Company, we believe in rescuing dogs: young, old, stumpy, tall, cute...and uh, even cuter? We wish they could all be saved! One small way we thought we could help was to highlight successful adoption stories from kind and loving humans! 

Read on to see how you could win a free item every week!

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Happy Holidays!

We at LDCC wanted to make a little holiday video that would put a smile on your face. We teamed up with the very special folks at Queens Best Stumpy Dog Rescue and shot this commercial that features the one and only St. Nick!

Except, you may have never seen St. Nick like this before...


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Why We Started LDCC

I--Courtney--was working professionally in the fashion industry when I realized how uninspiring and unfulfilling the work was. I was just a small cog in the massive machine that is the fashion industry. I wanted to do work that made a difference.

So without a backup plan intact, I quit...

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